NODS Reimbursement Request Form


1. What are arrears charges?

Arrears charges cover the cost to us, for a proportion of the additional work we do for customers in arrears.

2. Why were the arrears charges inappropriately charged?

For a period of time, prior to 06/11/2020, we did not send out correct Notice of Default Sums and Notice of Sums In Arrears when certain rental contracts went into arears for certain customers. As a result charges and default interest were charged without the appropriate notice being served and are eligible for a refund.

3. What changes have you made to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

We have changed our process to ensure compliant Notice of Default Sums and Notice of Sums in Arrears are sent out to any of our customers who fall into arrears.

4. What happens now?

Now you have arrived at our webform, you are entitled to a refund. This webform is a place where you enter your personal details, which are then sent to our secure server for processing.

5. When can customers due a refund expect to get their money back?

Once you have submitted your details on the webform, we aim to process the refunds within 28 days.