The simplest way to finance business growth.

If your business takes card payments, you can access quick and simple finance to help your business grow. A business cash advance is a hassle-free alternative to a bank loan, with flexible repayments that are tailored to your income from card sales. 

It’s different to other kinds of business finance…

There’s no APR, hidden fees or fixed repayments. Instead we’ll agree one simple cost with you upfront and your repayments will be linked to your credit and debit card turnover. 

We provide funding from as little as £500 up to £300,000, and we typically advance up to one month’s card sales (so if you take £10,000 per month in card transactions, your maximum would be £10,000).

Unlike a small business loan, you won’t need to prepare a business plan or provide security to get business funding. Your repayments will rise and fall in line with your card turnover, meaning you don’t have to struggle to find a fixed monthly payment. Our business funding solution is totally flexible and designed for real business needs.


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Repayments are flexible

We'll automatically deduct a pre-agreed % of your daily credit and debit card takings to repay the business cash advance. There are no fixed monthly direct debits. Repayments are flexible, rising and falling in line with your card turnover.

No late fees

You payback only when you earn and the repayments are deducted automatically. So there's no need to worry about missed repayments.

No penalty charges for paying back your cash advance early

Many funding providers charge an early repayment penalty for settling your agreement early. With Quick Capital, the amount you'll repay is pre-agreed with you and we never charge you more for repaying your advance early.

It’s easy to top-up or renew

Over 70% of our customers decide to renew their business cash advance facility. You can usually apply for a top-up or renewal once you've repaid 60% of your advance.

To find out more about how a business cash advance can help you grow your business, visit or call 0800 3777 402 to find out how much business finance you can raise.